In our latest episode of G&S Inside Story, we dive into the world of advanced manufacturing and its dynamic landscape, right in time for Manufacturing Week.  


Manufacturing Week, an initiative by The Manufacturing Institute and National Association of Manufacturers, annually celebrates the industry's significant contributions to the global economy. However, as we look at the advanced manufacturing space, 2023 has been marked as the "Year of Labor" with unions like UAW, SAG, and WGA asserting their influence amid industry transformations driven by AI, robotics, and automation. 

Despite these challenges, the United States is actively investing in becoming both an innovation and manufacturing hub. Initiatives like the IRA and CHIPS Act aim to solidify the nation's position in areas like semiconductors, electric vehicles, renewable tech and automation. However, economic pressures, interest rate stagnation, political factors, labor shortages, and climate commitments are also at play. 

So with all of these competing forces facing manufacturers, what are communicators in this industry to do? Watch the video below as we unveil more about how communicators should:   

    • Not bury their heads in the sand 
    • Showcase credibility through data 
    • Embrace transparency 
    • Highlight collaborations and company culture
    • Balance short-term priorities with long-term investments

As Manufacturing Week unfolds, remember Warren Buffett's wisdom: "Attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful." Take the time to define your strategy, seek counsel to gain a broader perspective, and be bold about claiming your share of voice even amidst uncertainty. 

Learn more in this conversation from SVP Josh Laster and VP Beth Smith as they explore these multifaceted trends shaping the industry and offer valuable insights for communicators. 



A Holistic Approach to Market Disruption

May 17, 2024