With a growing pool of tracking, analytics, data and business intelligence tools out there, it can be tough to know where to start. Insights VP Emily Bunce makes sense of the chaos, navigating the seas of online conversation metrics to provide actionable insights that inform client strategy.

In a series of three posts she authored as a guest blogger for social analytics platform Netbase, Emily discusses how to leverage social monitoring techniques for research and planning. Topics include monitoring key audiences, evaluating your brand storytelling and delving into a year’s worth of analytics to strengthen the next year’s communications plan.

Monitoring Niche Audiences with Social Listening

Unsure what your audience will find important or conversation-worthy? Social listening can help. Monitoring what customers, prospects, competitors and other audiencesare talking about provides valuable insights into what matters to your base – and how to approach them in a way that resonates. Read more about social listening and its strategic value.

The Importance of Social Listening for Brand Stories

Good news (and bad) travels online at breakneck speeds. Keeping a close eye on stories about your brand can help you control the narrative and protect your reputation. Read more about how social listening can help with crisis response and reputation management.

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Creating a Social Analytics Lookback for Future Planning

Future planning should be informed not only by traditional research methods, but also by new ones. Knowing what to collect, compare and analyze from digital metrics and social data allows marketers to draw conclusions about their progress and effectiveness while creating a roadmap for the following year’s communications strategy. Read more about mapping future success with a social analytics lookback.

Data doesn’t have to be daunting for a marketing and communications team, as Emily shows us in her blogs. Armed with the right tools, an analysis of online conversations is a great starting point for evaluating your strategy and refining it for future success.


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