The future of finance is hybrid As more consumers demand hybrid in-person and digital experiences, financial service enterprises have an opportunity to make in-person transactions successful.


Jen Lowney, head of business and corporate communications at Citi offers some sage communication advice: “The perfect hybrid solution depends on the customer you’re talking about. 

During a conversation between Lowney, and Anne Green, principal and managing partner at G&S Business Communications, issues affecting the financial services industry today and post-pandemic are explored, including: the key role the physical branch still plays; how a world of contactless payments is finally a reality; lessons learned from the 2008 financial crisis that are helping the sector be a key part of the solution for consumers todayand how unique offerings are helping bridge-the-gap for underserved communities. 

Listen to their conversation first-hand as part of our Reshaping the Future Podcast series with PR Week. Or craving more in-depth information? Download the full Reshaping the Future Financial Services report here to learn how your organization can adapt to changing consumer demands.


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June 11, 2024