The pandemic has given us all time to reflect on a variety of issues, including where the food that we consume every day comes from.  


Wendell Calhoun, marketing operations manager at Syngenta notes that “At the start of the pandemic, people didn’t see the foods in their stores they normally do, so they really started to think about where their food comes from.” 

Although the agriculture industry has always been technologically advanced, Caryn Caratelli, G&S principal and MD says that the pandemic has really provided us a runway to talk about the science in agriculture – and this is a sector that is extremely scientific. It’s also the time to talk about lesser recognized American heroes – farmers! 

During a conversation between Calhoun and Caratelli, they raised the key point that now there is a huge opportunity for the agribusiness sector to speak to a much broader audience than ever before; especially because of the greater awareness and appreciation for farmers that exists coming out of the pandemic.  

Other topics discussed during the PR Week video podcast include: addressing critical communications challenges those in agribusiness face; other industries that are hugely supported by agriculture; and the untold stories of women farmers. Listen to their conversation first-hand as part of our Reshaping the Future Podcast series with PR Week:


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A Holistic Approach to Market Disruption

May 17, 2024