G&S Business Communications (G&S), an integrated public relations and communications agency that helps innovative companies change the world, has named Tori Nystrom as Vice President.  

In the almosseven years since joining G&S, Tori has consistently driven remarkable results across several clients within the agency'Advanced Manufacturing & Energy and Financial & Professional Services practices. Shpossesses deep expertise in each of these industries that equips her teams to drive results aligned to our clients' business goalsInternally, Tori plays an active leadership role supporting many of the agency's educational programs, which sharpens core business communications expertise and leadership across the agency; and in aligning resources to ensure client programs are staffed with the optimal mix of PR, digital, creative, and other talent from across the agency. Her thoughtful and candid managerial style empowers her team members, driving them to reach new levels of growth. As Vice President, Tori will assume overall leadership for core G&S clients focused on manufacturing, finance, healthcarewith an even deeper focus on program strategy and counsel. 

"Tori'unwavering work ethic, responsive client service, and ability to develop integrated programs that engage audiences have continually impressed our clientsShe also possesses strong counseling skills that help clients address critical business challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities. We could not be more excited about the results and growth we know Tori will deliver as Vice President for her clients, teams, and the agency," said Principal and Managing Director of Chicago, Brian Hall. 

"It all starts with strategic counsel and top-notch client service, and that's what we are all about," said Tori Nystrom, Vice President. "Now more than ever, cultivating and maintaining deep market segment expertise and client connections is crucial to delivering powerful results that drive true business value. As I lead my teams in this new role, I will continue to instill these skills, values, and ultra-responsive nature in supporting our clients every day to provide the best servicequality and results." 

Before joining G&S, Tori helped manage PR and content marketing for multiple franchise brands at Fishman PR and led marketing and retail valuation efforts as part of the business development arm of the retail company, Tuesday Morning. She earned her bachelor'degree in Advertising & Public Relations with a Business Administration minor from Loyola University in 2011.  


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June 11, 2024