The role that business plays in society is vastly different than it was 10 to 20 years ago, and integrated marketing communications agencies have had to adapt…fast and continually. As one key dimension of this change landscape, a 2022 survey found that 82% of consumers want brands to align with their values.* Younger demographics, including Millennials and Gen-Z, are at the forefront of this evolution.** These trends are vital both to effective agency leadership and serving as trusted counselors to our clients. 



As Luke Lambert prepares to retire after 27 years at G&S – the last 11 of which as President and CEO – he sits down with incoming CEO Anne Green for a podcast chat exploring his own lessons in leadership. Luke recounts his career beginnings in PR and journalism and his natural pivot into management. The conversation covers agency leadership, cultivating culture, championing DE&I in the communications industry and always leading with values.  

Listen in to hear Luke and Anne explore: 

    • Natural transitions into leadership roles and the importance of being grounded in the business  
    • Cultivating trust in yourself and in your team 
    • How to deliver on clients’ needs today while still investing in innovation for tomorrow 
    • Creating and staying true to your brand’s voice in a more volatile social and political landscape 
    • The importance of DE&I to organizations and how to authentically champion progress  

* Source: New Research Shows Consumers More Interested in Brands’ Values than Ever, Consumer Goods Technology 

** Source: 83% of Millennials Engage in Values-Based Shopping, Retail TouchPoints 


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June 11, 2024