In so many ways, advanced manufacturers are the lifeblood of our economy, providing the essential products and innovations we’ve come to rely on in our daily lives. From the components that help make the batteries in our EV’s more efficient, to pharmaceutical ingredients that help deliver safer more effective medicines, to ground-breaking new polymers to help create more sustainable packaging solutions, advanced manufacturers are solving the toughest challenges facing the world today.   

And yet the challenges they face continue to mount.  


A mere 18 months ago, back in March of 2021 at the height of the pandemic, federal interest rates were at 0%, global carbon emissions plummeted as supply chains screeched to a halt, and companies around the world were pledging their full commitments to sustainability, DE&I and other ESG initiatives. 

It’s hard to believe how much can change in such a short time later.  

Today, with interest rates, raw materials prices, the cost of labor and other impacts of inflation on the rise, they’re facing strong headwinds from every direction as 2023 appears over the horizon.   

Will those winds blow their commitments to ESG off course, and how can CMOs and other communications leaders help keep their organization’s eyes on the future as they confront the many challenges of today? 

Our own Beth Crisafi Smith and Josh Laster offer their tips for maintaining authentic, values-driven communications strategies amid a challenging economic environment. 


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June 11, 2024