Advanced manufacturers have a lot on their minds in 2023. Challenges both big and small, from fighting inflation, managing supply chains, maintaining their workforce, and staying connected to their customers, these factors can make it pretty appealing to push your ESG commitments to the backburner in favor of more urgent issues.


In this episode of G&S Inside Story, our own Beth Smith, and Josh Laster share their perspectives on why this isn’t only bad comms strategy, it’s bad business.

The latest surveys show that your customers care about sustainability more than ever, and also view environmental claims with greater scrutiny and skepticism as a result of greenwashing.

While some B2B companies may quietly retreat from their ESG plans in tough economic times, let’s talk about why these are the moments to double down on your commitments and put some money in the reputational bank.


Consumers Report Narrow Understanding of Environmental Impact of Lawns

April 23, 2024