Biodiversity is essential for plant breeding and crop diversity. It sustains the ecosystems that underpin fertile soils and plant pollination, helping farmers grow healthy food. But it’s also a complex topic.

June Ag Blog 1.svgAligned with Syngenta’s commitment to pollinator health and habitats, G&S was tasked with helping explain the concept of biodiversity and its impact on agriculture to a broader audience. Existing materials were static, felt a bit academic, and were difficult to reproduce or update with new information. So, we decided to reinvent how the story of biodiversity is told. We wanted to create an approach that better matches how a vast majority of people consume information. And that’s through immersive storytelling.

We decided to create an adventure that takes the user from "sky to stream" in an easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand format. Why? Because it’s easier to advocate for something if you are educated and passionate about it.

To help ensure universal appeal for several audiences – including farmers, retailers, government organizations, NGOs, environmentalists, and consumers – we created a dynamic user experience by incorporating page touchpoints that bring key messaging and resources to life, through a self-explored journey. How did we achieve this? We used parallax effects, subtle animations, and cohesive storytelling to bring each ecosystem to life.

To raise awareness of the web page, G&S developed complementary assets and executed an integrated communications campaign, reaching multiple target audiences through traditional media relations, social media, internal and partner communications, and virtual and onsite event initiatives. Reporting remains integral to measuring the success of each tactic – and the web page holistically. Based on tracking and data analysis at the 18-month mark, we’ve seen thousands of unique page views, users spending an average of 3:49 minutes on the page, and a first-time user engagement rate of 65%. That means site visitors are engaging with the content in a deeper way, as we intended.

The fun does not stop there. To keep traffic to the evergreen web property fresh, we’ve continued to experiment with web page gamification tied to charitable donations and are using paid social media to ensure the client’s story remains top of mind when audiences want to learn about biodiversity.

Our team prides itself on telling great stories. We like to take complex stories, like biodiversity, put them in context, and make them simple, actionable, and understandable. Take a few minutes to explore how we helped Syngenta tell its story of biodiversity. We welcome the opportunity to up your storytelling game.


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April 23, 2024