G&S Business Communications (G&S), an integrated agency that helps innovative companies change the world, welcomes a new agribusiness client to its roster: Pursell Agri-Tech.

With fertilizer industry roots dating back to 1904, Pursell Agri-Tech develops and brings to market innovative fertilizer coating technologies that open the door to new approaches in nutrient management.


Pursell Agri-Tech’s advanced modular production facility design, novel coating materials and proprietary processing techniques make controlled release innovations that have historically been cost-prohibitive in the broadacre market a viable, attractive nutrient delivery alternative. PurYield products allow fertilizer distributors to offer affordable, fully customizable blends to their growers while assuring that the right nutrients will be available to crops at precisely the right rate, time and place.


“We’re excited to partner with Pursell Agri-Tech in introducing their innovative technology to the broadacre market,” said G&S Managing Director Dana Ferrell. “Its products have the potential to revolutionize nutrient delivery for growers, and we look forward to helping the team expand its presence in row crop production.”


Pursell Agri-Tech selected G&S as its partner to establish its position as the leading innovator in fertilizer coating technology and provider of advanced controlled release products in the U.S. and beyond. Bringing 50 years of experience successfully servicing clients in the agricultural industry, the G&S team will provide strategic counsel and integrated marketing support uniquely grounded in extensive industry knowledge and guided by market research and insights.


Pursell Agri-Tech joins a diverse catalog of agribusiness and agtech clients at G&S, including Syngenta, Lallemand and MonoSol.


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