2023 saw no shortage of world-shaking headlines. It's difficult to predict which of the year’s news events history will deem “most significant.” Yet if we at G&S had to come up with a short list, generative AI would be close to the top.

In our last episode of Building Brand Gravity of 2023, G&S Digital Growth Director Kyle Turner and incoming CEO Anne Green take on “The Year in GenAI.”


Their conversation explores how generative AI is reshaping sectors like healthcare (and certainly our own context of integrated marketing communications), how organizations are starting to navigate AI's transformative potential, and the need to forefront ethical considerations. The hosts also make the pitch for why people should spend less time worrying about AI and more time digging in.

When it comes to healthcare, particularly in diagnostics, generative AI is likely to revolutionize patient care and treatment. They explore examples of AI systems that can analyze medical images or predict patient outcomes with astonishing accuracy. The conversation then focuses on AI's impact on marketing and communications, highlighting the role it can play in personalizing customer experiences and automating routine tasks – freeing human creativity and capacity for more complex challenges.

One of the most compelling parts of the conversation delves into the myriad ethical implications of GenAI. The two stress the importance of responsible AI development and deployment, emphasizing the need for frameworks that ensure AI's benefits are equitably distributed while minimizing potential harms. Indeed, AI's rapid development in 2023 is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it presents unprecedented opportunities for innovation and efficiency. On the other, it raises critical questions about job displacement, privacy, and the control of ever more powerful technologies.

Of course, these points all seem obvious on the surface. Yet they are far more difficult to integrate into practice. The podcast conversation underscores the importance of cross-disciplinary collaboration in developing AI technologies that are not only advanced but are also aligned with societal values and ethical standards.

Kyle and Anne came to this discussion seeking a balanced view of AI's advancements in 2023, acknowledging both its transformative potential and the quandaries it continues to present. But as AI evolves at a breakneck pace, it's clear that its impact will necessitate much intentional and ongoing dialogue and collaboration among technologists, ethicists, policymakers, and the public. We at G&S will be here for it!


A Holistic Approach to Market Disruption

May 17, 2024