At G&S, we pride ourselves on being architects of innovation, purveyors of strategic counsel and inspirers of action and change. Across our various disciplines, we bring together a unique and dynamic blend of researchers, media strategists, storytellers, digital specialists, creative designers and engagement experts. We thrive on our purpose: to help innovative companies change the world.

Earlier this month, we were honored to be named to the Agency Elite 100, a collection of leading agencies by PRNews that set themselves apart by their demonstrated excellence in innovation and strategy. The rich variety of firms represented on this list – which spans independent boutique agencies, mid-sized PR firms and global leaders in the industry – reveals how little innovation is bound by size or scope. It also encourages us to reflect on what innovation and progress mean for a world in which the pace of change has accelerated, the stakes risen and the opportunities to push creative boundaries multiplied.

With the prevailing uncertainties of working, living, spending and consuming on the line, what could the future of marketing look like? If you’ve followed our recent rebrand and reorganization as an agency, you might be able to guess that what’s important to our business today is what we see as tomorrow’s biggest trends: integration, innovation and digital transformation.

Digital is no longer just a tactic in the marketer’s toolkit; it’s a way of life and a strategic starting-point for any campaign.

Integration: Delivering 360° Experiences

Gone are the days of siloed marketing departments. As physical and digital worlds collide, campaigns will become increasingly sophisticated in their ability to integrate an array of media platforms and channels – from in-person events, to social engagements, to fully-virtual experiences. The brands that stand out will be the ones that create a seamless, all- encompassing user experience, one with endless touchpoints for conversion. As brands realize the opportunity to trade a physical presence for more cost-effective digital real estate, digital integration will become even more critical to the bottom line.

G&S offers a broad variety of services, but we rarely engage a client in one area alone. Each one meets a specific need, but together, they create magic. Aligning on strategic business goals allows us to craft a unique blend of services for each client that relies on the expertise of an integrated team and a robust measurement framework. Learn more about our services here.

Innovation: From Buzzword to Bottom-Line Impact

What has easily become the business buzzword of the century will prevail for decades to come as executives continue to seek ways to gain a competitive edge. Disruptors will continue to challenge the dominance of established firms, while older giants will grow more agile and more technologically competitive. The difference will lie in the pace of innovation as digital competencies become more accessible and brands adopt new technologies more quickly. Innovation for innovation’s sake will give way to more meaningful discoveries that revolutionize entire industries or establish new leaders in niche markets.

Our role as trusted advisor to some of the leading companies in established industries gives us a front seat to the direction of innovation today. In healthcare, the urgent need for innovation has dissolved competitive barriers, opening the door to some unlikely partnerships in pursuit of a coronavirus cure. In agribusiness, an industry that functionally has changed very little for centuries, outsourcing critical operations to AI-powered equipment can allow farmers unprecedented insight into – and control over – their growing process, transforming their output. Learn more about our markets and the innovative clients we serve.

Digital: Not Just a Channel but a Way of Life

Throughout this accelerated entry into a fully-digital economy, we've observed the migration of nearly all commercial activity into the digital space. As businesses and consumers increasingly interact and transact online, digital channels come to the forefront of our marketing strategy. Digital is no longer just a tactic in the marketer’s toolkit; it’s a way of life and a strategic starting-point for any campaign. Remaining top-of-mind for today’s audience will be less about the flagship store and more about the experiences you can deliver on your website, social channels, mobile, email and more.

The heavy traffic on these digital highways requires brands to understand their customer’s voice. At G&S, we employ social listening tactics to understand the audience first. We help our clients develop a structured process that relies on testing, experimenting and a constant feedback loop with their audiences. By meeting customers where they are, we ensure that every touchpoint delivers an engaging experience that compels the customer to come back for more. Learn more about our digital and social engagement capabilities.



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A Holistic Approach to Market Disruption

May 17, 2024