In 2020, the term DE&I, or Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, became a buzzword in corporate culture. Diversity executives were hired across industries and companies large and small pledged to diversify workforces and take inclusion seriously. Fast forward four years, and in an uncertain economy alongside competing forces impacting businesses and society as a whole, DE&I leadership roles and initiatives were often the first to be cut.


Business leaders are now facing a new wave of pressures to abandon their DE&I commitments, following the Supreme Court’s recent affirmative action decision and a polarized political landscape.

In the latest episode of Building Brand Gravity, host Anne Green sits down with Marjani Williams, G&S VP of DE&I, and Kate Threewitts, G&S Chief People Officer, to discuss not only the impact of inclusion on employee growth, satisfaction and company culture, but also why it remains an imperative for good business management and performance. 

Listen toCultivating Inclusion: The Business Case & Beyond” to hear the full discussion about:

  • Defining the I in DEI
  • How Inclusion Shows Up in the Workplace
  • DEI as a Benefit to Businesses and People
  • G&S Inclusive Leadership Campaign

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June 11, 2024