Our lives are changing daily and with dramatic change usually comes the epiphany that the way one is doing things in the present needs to change as well to keep up. That’s one of the areas that I covered with Rosalyn Moore, marketing insights and innovation manager at Syngenta U.S.

In our conversation, Rosalyn shares her unique career journey that led her to marketing in the agriculture industry. With an educational background in electrical engineering, Rosalyn initially pursued licensing at UNC Greensboro while working on her master's degree. Over time, she discovered a passion for marketing and pivoted her career goals, specifically choosing Syngenta as the incubator for her aspirations.

As Marketing Insights and Innovation Manager for a leading agriculture company, Rosalyn provides a valuable perspective on the unique relationship between digital marketing and industry sectors not traditionally associated with innovation. We discuss what "digital" means today as it becomes increasingly woven into marketing strategies across industries (and our day-to-day lives). Can we continue referring to digital as a separate practice? How do agriculture marketers expand their knowledge about the digital world we live in? Rosalyn weighs in on these topics and more.

With insights grounded in both technology and agriculture, Rosalyn offers an insightful look at digital marketing trends and innovations. Tune into this episode of Building Brand Gravity to hear the full conversation. This is a podcast you won't want to miss for anyone interested in modern marketing.



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April 23, 2024