Over the past 24 years, I’ve held varying roles at G&S Business Communications. None has proven stranger, or more challenging, than the one I’ve taken on in the past few months: that of remote leader.

While we train our clients with crisis simulations and mitigation strategies, we seldom imagine something on the scale of this global pandemic, one which has enveloped every business indiscriminately. It has tested the character of executives and challenged us as professionals. It has introduced us to new dimensions of our colleagues’ and our clients’ personal lives as we have intruded upon their kitchens, living rooms and home offices for more intimate conversations than we’re accustomed. It has forced every one of us to work differently, more creatively and more resourcefully than ever before.

Amidst this chaos, we have been well underway with our own transformation, nearing the end of one of the most significant brand refreshes we have had in the agency’s history.

We are proud to unveil a new G&S: one that looks and sounds different, but one that is unmistakably true to our identity. One that is digital-first and connects with clients, our employees and the business community in a fresh, bold way.

We have aligned under a new purpose: To help innovative companies change the world. This statement has never rung more true than during this crisis.

We are leaning into our identity as business communicators: We are more than a public relations firm, digital agency or creative shop. We are a team of researchers, media strategists, storytellers and engagement experts that meet our clients at the intersection of business and communications.

Our mission remains the same: To inspire people to take action, resulting in business growth for our clients. In times like these, neither innovation nor inspiration has been more needed – or more important.

We have narrowed our focus to five key markets in which we have the deepest expertise: Advanced Manufacturing & Energy, Agribusiness, Financial & Professional Services, Healthcare & Wellness, and Home and Building. These industries reflect not only our heritage, both as a nearly 50-year-old agency and as a blended family with the acquisition of CooperKatz in 2018, but also our future as we explore new opportunities for growth in exciting areas.

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We have reinvigorated our services: Branding & Purpose, Creative & Storytelling, Crisis Communication, Demand Generation, Digital & Social Engagement, Media Relations, Reputation Management and Research & Insights.

Over decades of refining our unique perspective on what it means to be a business communications agency, we’ve crafted a distinct and distinguishing service offering that makes me proud of the work we can deliver by disrupting traditional ways of thinking and integrating different disciplines in fresh ways.

Finally, we have fine-tuned our approach, recasting our process as Business Communications in Practice so that we are unequivocally delivering against your business goals.  

With the uncertainty of the global markets and the constancy of change in this new reality, I feel a renewed confidence in our agency’s ability to weather challenging times. It is in these times of crisis that true leaders emerge. I’ve been privileged to see this from the team of professionals who have championed this effort to reimagine our brand identity, and from countless others who led us into a seamless and productive remote work environment with confidence, determination and optimism.  As I reflect on these times, I see great promise for the next generation of agency leadership as they continue to innovate and bring world-class counsel to our clients.

I hope you’ll join us in celebrating our transformation as we move forward together.


Welcoming MorganMyers to the G&S Family!

June 11, 2024