According to a G&S Consumer Intelligence Snap Poll, 76% of Americans say they are very or somewhat concerned about coronavirus impacting the health of them or their family.

With instant access to breaking news anytime, anyplace and anywhere, it is understandable that the natural instinct of many is to panic, particularly in uncharted times like we are experiencing right now with COVID-19.

The next few months are going to bring a lot of uncertainty and uncharted waters. But companies that can find calm amid the storm and help their customers navigate these uncharted waters will generate unsinkable trust and loyalty.

Advice for Pivoting Your Business Communications Strategy:

  • Survey the waters. Understand the complexity and potential impact of the crisis and monitor industry response closely to help ensure your strategy aligns with customer needs. Set up a monitoring team to stay on top of the latest breaking news that impacts your company, employees and customers.
  • Chart the course. Develop a solid business continuity plan with multiple contingencies to ensure availability of products and services to customers. We will likely be in some form of quarantine for weeks or months, so re-strategize how you are going to connect with your key stakeholders for eight weeks or longer.
  • Prepare the crew. Enable virtual meeting technology and employ digital tools that allow you to communicate quickly and effectively with employees. Encourage people to use video, so that you can maintain that critical human connection.

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  • Inform the passengers. Map out transparent messaging that is clear, concise and focuses on the facts, and be prepared to distribute quickly if actions are taken that will impact customers. Communicate openly and as often as needed when the messages are critical. Forty-six percent of Americans say their perception of a company would not change if one of its employees had coronavirus. However, 72% of Americans would have a more negative perception of a company if it did not disclose to the public that an employee has coronavirus.
  • Course correct as needed. Continually evaluate plan performance and adjust communication strategy as needed to maximize employee and customer engagement. Set up an internal Task Force to meet frequently, make decisions, and change plans as needed.
  • Refine the journey. Once conditions stabilize, evaluate your crisis plan and make adjustments to be better informed and more appropriately prepared in the event of a future crisis.

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